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Most kids who get punished have something taken away from them or extra chores they have to do. In my case, I decided to open up a Facebook page without my mom’s permission after she had warned me several times that it wasn’t a site for kids my age to join. I knew my mom would be angry, but I did it anyway. I wanted to know what other people were up to and to be honest I became addicted by being in other people’s business but my own. When my mom found out, she asked me why I did it and I told her, “I don’t want people to think of me as a goodie two shoe.” That’s all it took, by the next day my mom bought the domain name Little Miss Goodie and told me my punishment would be to create a website to be the standard and celebrate the “GOODIE” within me.

Little Miss Goodie is about the choice to be CONFIDENT in knowing that being a GOOD girl is the COOL and SMART thing to do. No one can define you, but YOU! Inside every girl there are unique talents and special abilities that should be CELEBRATED!

Live SMART. Feel GOOD. GIVE to others.



Cenné Tyler