Beauty & Lunch



On March 8 at the Brooklyn YWCA, located on 3rd and Atlantic Avenue, I launched the first Little Miss Goodie, Beauty and Lunch event. The day started with 25 attendees being served lunch, then sitting in groups to introduce one another and discuss what we each believe beauty means. It gave everyone an opportunity to share at their tables right before we went into a panel discussion that included: Camara A Unique (Make Up Artist), Syreeta Gates (Future Project Dream Director); Ayanna Prescod (Our BK Social); KiKi Kelly (Creative Director and Fashion Designer); Carmen Hatchett (Hair Stylist); Renee Hastick-Motes (Beauty Consultant).

These beautiful women shared their passion for the beauty and fashion industry, but also the importance of loving the inner beauty that makes each of us unique. The honest conversation even exposed how bullying can affect people beyond their teenage years and cause issues of insecurities that is harmful to so many girls and women today.

This was another successful Little Miss Goodie event that was sponsored by the YWCA of Brooklyn, Golden Krust, B Cakes NY, The Kids League, Honey Cosmetics, and the Future Project.

Spread Love its the GOODIE Way!

-XOXO, Cenné