1st Annual Dream Challenge



On Sunday, January 25, I hosted the first Little Miss Goodie – Dream Challenge, for girls ages 10 – 17 at the Brooklyn YWCA. With fifty girls in attendance, the afternoon started off with Renae Bluitt, founder of In Her Shoes Blog and Crush Media who gave insight on the importance of staying focused on your dreams and the steps to you need to take to in order to make them happen.  Following her great presentation, Sallome Hralima, Chief Director and Syreeta Gates, Dream Director, both from the Future Project, had an activity planned for us to write down our greatest passions and allowed time to share our dreams with each other through the process of speed communication.  It was such a great day, filled with fun, fellowship, and sisterhood.  Thank you to our sponsors, The Lopez Effect, Essential Cakes, The Future Project, and the Kids League.

I look forward to the Little Miss Goodie – Beauty and Lunch, on Sunday, March 8, 2 – 4 pm hosted at the Brooklyn YWCA. Interested in joining me for another great event, please email info@littlemissgoodie.com.


Cenne Tyler